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Vision: the Master Metaphor

Human beings frequently conceptualize experience and understanding in terms of visual metaphors. These metaphors pervade our discourse: we ‘illuminate’, ‘shed light on’, and ‘dispel shadows’. When you think you understand, you often say “I see.” In IIT Bombay lingo, after … Continue reading

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Truth, Validity and Usefulness

There are three closely related — but in my opinion distinct — concepts that ought to be closely scrutinized before discussing metaphor proper. (The post is long but I hope you will bear with me: making the points I wanted … Continue reading

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Axis? Praxis?

What is the nature of metaphor? What constitutes an effective analogy? What is distinctive about the analogies used in science and mathematics? Can scientific metaphor enrich the wider world of discourse? And how do we deploy metaphor and analogy to … Continue reading

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