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Is the mind a machine?

My latest 3QD essay explores the “mind as machine” metaphor, and metaphors in general. Putting the “cog” in “cognitive”: on the “mind as machine” metaphor Here’s an excerpt: People who study the mind and brain often confront the limits of … Continue reading

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From Cell Membranes to Computational Aesthetics: On the Importance of Boundaries in Life and Art

My next 3QD column is out. I speculate about the role of boundaries in life, curiosity, and identity. This image is a taster: If you want to know what this diagram might mean, check out the article: From Cell Membranes … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Power of Naming in Human Cognition

I’ve written a long-form essay for the blog/aggregator site 3 Quarks Daily:  Boundaries and Subtleties: the Mysterious Power of Naming in Human Cognition Here’s a taster: I’ve divided up the essay into four parts. Here’s the plan: We’ll introduce two key … Continue reading

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